Where Happiness Begins

How upsetting is it that so many people feel the need to change who they are to fit the expectation of others? I have talked about this a lot through various topics, but I’ve been wanting to talk about it straight up. First of all, there is so much more to life than how you look. If you really think about it, it truly doesn’t matter how you look, unless you only want people to like you for their opinion of how you look according to their eyes. But, do you really want that? Don’t you want people to like you for the amazing person you are, for your potential and capabilities, for your knowledge and wisdom, and for your humor and the joy you bring to others? Are you really okay with pushing aside your beautiful personality to act and look like what you think will impress others? It makes me extremely sad when I see people strive to be someone who they’re not, mostly because I have been in this situation many times before, and it is a painful one to be in. In this world, people are judged for how they look in pictures rather than the beauty of their souls. They are judged on how many likes they can get on a Instagram post rather than the amount of lives they have touched. We need to fight these habits, because if they continue, so many unique, beautiful people will experience pain daily. Beauty should not refer to what you look like, it should refer to how beautiful your mind is, and everyone’s mind contains so much beauty. Trust me, I am aware that this is much easier said than done, but learn to love you for your true self. Your true beauty comes from within, and your confidence should come from that. I am not saying that no one is physically beautiful, because everyone is, but it just shouldn’t matter as much as it does. Physical beauty shouldn’t be what we are focused on when meeting or judging a person. We are all beautiful, and we have so much to offer the world. I promise you, happiness begins when you learn to be yourself, so don’t throw away your beauty to try and be someone else. This world needs you, and no one else can fulfill the purpose that you are here to serve.