New Beginnings

“Everybody dies, but not everybody lives..” 

-William Wallace


My name is Jillian and throughout my entire life I have felt like I’ve had so much to share with the world. Every day I learn new things about myself and about life, and I’m ready to share my growth with others. In addition, I have loved writing my whole life, but less important things have gotten in the way of my writing which is pretty much all technology. When I’m bored, I go on my phone. When I have an hour to spare, I watch Netflix.

I’m done with this routine, and I’m ready to live. For real.

I’m ready to go back to my natural interests: reading, writing, and being passionate about certain topics. Over the years, these interests have been undermined, and I’m ready to start being me again.

Not many people my age write blogs, and to be honest I was scared about what people would think. But there’s a new philosophy I’m trying out: I am not going to care about what others think of me.

Because I cared so much about the thoughts of others, I lost my true self. I’m sick of following the trends, having to post the right things on social media, always wasting time scrolling through Instagram and snap chatting my friends, and dismissing the things that I used to love. The things, that I still love, but I never do anymore because little things like my phone and the expectations of others have taken over my life, and more importantly, they have taken away my true self.

Well, here we go. I’m going to write. I’m going to share my thoughts that I’m very passionate about. I’m going to limit my use of meaningless social media. I’m going to find my true self. I look forward to meeting her, and I look forward for others to meet her as well.

Welcome to my blog.




Author: journeytojillianblog

Jillian. 14. 9th Grade. Confused. Searching. Writing my way through.

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